Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Philip Armstrong Fashion Show

  If you ever been to a fashion show you know how exciting it could be! If no, I will tell you right now.
It was Philip Armstrong Fashion Show at Harvey Nichols in Liverpool last week and it was legen-wait for it-DARY! Beautiful people in a beautiful surroundings, looking at a beautiful creations of Philip Armstrong and Tony Burke, designers behind the label Philip Armstrong. With every season, the brand grows in popularity and their pieces are now both collectable and highly sought after. Worn by a whole host of celebrities including Kelly Rowland, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger and Helen Hunt to name a few. Unfortunately, none of them hot celebrities attended the show in Liverpool but you could see some local celebs, footballer's wives and girlfriends, designers, stylists and fashion bloggers. All the pictures from the event you would be able to find later on Harvey Nichols website.

Philip Armstrong fashion designers Pete Price media personality famous event sven eselgroth photography
The Master Sven Eselgroth took this wonderful picture. (Philip Armstrong, Pete Price,famous media personality and Tony Burke)

   In the first hour we have been working on the door, making pictures of the guests (which is great, because we knew exactly who did attend the event!) Everyone looked absolutely fabulous, in the end of the day, it is ALL about fashion. 

Sven Eselgroth Photography fashion show Philip Armstrong new collection Harvey Nichols Liverpool fashion runway launch event brand designer
Sven Eselgroth in action

When Sven finished taking pictures of the guests, because pretty much everyone has arrived, he went upstairs to see what is going on there. I wasn't in a rush so I stayed for a while in a Beauty Bazaar. Make up is too good not to try it on!! Gemma, who is a big fan of Bobby Brown make up, purchased a juicy lip gloss in red colour! Happy days! 

Bobby Brown make up Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar fashion
Happy Gemma with her new Bobby Brown Lipstick!
 After we finished with make up we went upstairs where everyone was ready for the show. The show was really nice, all models were arriving on the escalator from one side, walking the catwalk on the ''bridge'' and then with the help of a beautiful ''Edward-Cullen-type'' young gentleman, models were going on the escalator down to change in to the next outfit.

Edward Cullen Model Fashion show catwalk beautiful Harvey Nichols Philip Armstrong
Philip Armstrong fashion show at Harvey Nichols beautiful model gorgeous dress make up Sven Eselgroth Photography
Model on runway at Philip Armstrong Fashion show

Fashion show Philip Armstron runway catwalk Sven Eselgroth Photography designer brand Harvey Nichols Beautiful Model
Another lovely Philip Armstrong dress on the runway

When the show was finished everyone spread out to discuss what they have seen. His Majesty, was taking pictures and I was assisting him on that. His talent is so broad that he can take fantastic pictures not only with a professional camera but with an ordinary iPhone too :)

Sven Eselgroth Photography fashion show event at Harvey Nichols Philip Armstrong new collection photographer
Sven Eselgroth Photographer
girls posing Sven Eselgroth photographer Manchester iPhone Harvey Nichols Philip Armstrong Fashion Show
Sven's iPhone skills
Philip Armstrong fashion show Liverpool fashion photographer uk
Me and Gemma after the show:)
   Emma Doyle did a fantastic job, organizing this fabulous event! 
   After any event, as a tradition, we go and EAT! Eat everything what is on the way! The day was saved thanks to Byron Burger Place next door. Food was good and service efficient and friendly. Just what we needed!

food burger place Liverpool Byron
I look rather hungry on this picture and Gemma has that cheeky look, very suspicious

Sven Eselgroth food hungry Byron burger place fries Liverpool
I have no idea what does that picture mean. Ask Sven.

All in all, it was great! If you like my posts follow me on Twitter, Follow Sven and follow Gemma, follow PhilipArmstrong and follow Byron! x


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