Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Take a spin at Selfridges Ice Rink in Trafford Center

Manchester, Ice rink, Selfridges, Christmas, Ice skating with stars, trafford center, krispy kreme, donuts

   Some things will never change. For example, Christmas period. There is no finer time to go shopping, visiting Christmas Markets, drinking mulled wine and of course, ice skating. Perhaps it is the most Christmassy enterprise. Ice Rink has long being uniting destination for our friends and families and now we all have an opportunity to take an icy turn at Selfridges Ice Rink in Trafford Center. Between spins, enjoy some Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate. It is the perfect environment to boost Christmas spirit!!
Famous, krispykreme donuts, ice rink, coffee, delicious, christmas
KrispyKreme donuts! mmm.....

     I am one of those people who has up-and-go personality and last week Gemma invited me to come with her to an opening event with Dancing on Ice super stars- handsome Matt Evers and beautiful Maria Filippova.  Despite my ice skating fear, I always loved being around ice rink and watching people having a good time and when you see Matt skating in front of you, it is a double pleasure. When Gemma finished her first lesson, we had a lovely chat with Maria, who gave us some useful tips for beginners. I even had an opportunity to talk Russian to her (bonding moment).
Matt Evers, dancing on ice, celebrity, manchester, christmas, ice skating, famous, present
Gemma and Matt Evers. 1st lesson went well!
Maria Filippova, MilanyMelo, ice rink, dancing on ice, celebrity, superstar
Maria Filippova and me.

    Later on, we enjoyed gracefully beautiful performance of Matt and Maria. Captivating dance! I would give so much to be able to dance like them!
   All in all, evening was great! Christmas doesn't just have to be about shopping-going out and having a good time is also a part of a festive period. So if you are thinking of where to go on the weekend, I would suggest to put Trafford center on the list!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Friends Musicians.

  Recently, I had an opportunity to meet some amazing musicians and assist Beard on a great photo shoot with them. The shoot took place on a sunny, but windy, Sunday morning in Manchester. My job was to hold a lighting umbrella and there was a big possibility that I might be blown away by the wind, so it was an exciting challenge for me (sarcasm). 

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, music band, DaveSpeakman Band, Manchester, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Behind the scene

   The guys from The Dave Speakman Band were great to work with. We had a good laugh while shooting, and Sven gave them a good lecture about nutrition (as some of you may NOT know, Beard has a "nutrition-obsession" and whenever he has a chance to show it, he has no boundaries).

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, music band, Dave Speakman Band, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
All getting ready

   All in all, I think the shoot went quite well. Firstly, I think it's down to a very professional, skilled lighting manager (myself) who managed to not fly away together with the lighting umbrella, and made sure the lights were in the exact positions that Beard wanted. Secondly, it is thanks to a professional photographer - Sven Eselgroth, a.k.a. Beard, who knows how to make everything more beautiful.

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, Dave Speakman Band, Manchester, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Sven is showing how it's done to Dave

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, equipment, whereissven, Manchester, assistant, photographer, professional
I'm sure that on this picture Beard is talking about nutrition

  Through Sven, I have been lucky enough to meet many awesomely weird and talented people-from fashion related people, to amazing musicians and photographers, bloggers, writers, PR's, creatives and designers. They all are great in some way and there is always something I can learn from them.
    This blog is all about musicians. Well, first to mention is Gemma. Apart from being a good editor, writer, stylist and super networker, she is also an amazing singer. She does gigs all over the UK and quite frequently sings at Revolution de Cuba and Dimitri's in Manchester.

Gemma Latham, fashion, editor, music, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Gemma singing in Revolucion de Cuba  in Manchester

   The second musician to mention is their friend, Jon Kenzie, a lovely guy and a very talented singer and guitarist. When I went to Jon's album launch with Sven and Gemma, I couldn't believe it! To explain what I mean, I have to take you back a couple of months to September. I was walking my usual route to work, late and in a rush. As I crossed St Ann's Square, there were some musicians busking. I really liked their music and stopped for a moment, trying to decide whether I should buy their CD, or just carry on walking. I guess part of me was too shy to go back and another part was worried about being late to work, so I never bought the CD. I regretted not buying it as I never caught them playing in the streets again. Now, back to last week.. I was sat in Solomon Grundy's in Withington and Jon Kenzie started to perform with his band. I instantly realised they were the guys from St Ann's Square, I could not believe it! After I realised this, I couldn't stop telling everyone the story. At the end of the show I bought Jon's CD and told him my story too (as Gemma suggested he would be happy to hear it).

Jon Kenzie, guitarist, Manchester, new album, live music, book for an event, music, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Jon Kenzie performing
new album, musician, greatest hits, music for the soul, best song ever,  music, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
I am a happy owner of a Jon Kenzie album now!

  Ultimately, what I learnt from this situation is that I won't let the time take away from me a chance to discover something new and inspiring. The choice is in your hands, you just have to make it!

                                             TO SEE THE VIDEO PLEASE CLICK HERE
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Friday, 8 November 2013

Zara Store Re-opening Launch Party in Manchester

Zara launch party reopening manchester fashion brand design
    Well, well, what can I say... FINALLY!   Zara store was closed for too long and now it is open again in Manchester and for that reason I warn you, take your wallets out of your pockets with caution! Think twice before you decide to buy this bag, and these shoes and that cardigan, and also this belt and that gorgeous necklace. Analyze how much can you spend in one go, before you insert your credit card in that draining machine. Saying that, I still have a feeling that none of you, readers, will follow my advice. I don't think I am strong enough to follow my advice either. Everyone waited in anticipation and now it is time for shopping!
    Last night Sven was shooting Zara Re-opening Party and I was basically stalking him around the shop, making sure that everything is going well.  I could swear that security guys were probably thinking that I am some kind of 'shady lady' wandering around Zara looking for nothing. Ha! He did a great job and soon you will be able to see some pictures from the event.

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, design, clothes, new collection

    While I was following Sven everywhere, I could not point out that I have never seen so many beautiful people in one store. And I mean it! A few times I did lost a track of Sven just because I was staring at some utterly beautiful individuals. But not only people distracted me from work, clothes was the main reason! All the garments were displayed beautifully and neat rails were just asking for having a sneak peek.

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, clothes, people, new collection, store in Manchester
Sven Eselgroth 'in action'

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, clothes, people, new collection, necklace, red, store in Manchester
Did I tell you about gorgeous necklaces Zara has in store?!

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, clothes, people, outfit, camera, menequin, new collection, store in Manchester
This is a runaway! I'm not joking, he was running. Almost.

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, clothes, people, new collection, store in Manchester
I am pretty sure Sven was hiding from me in there! Ha!
A little bit about history..Zara  is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. It is one of the Inditex group, The world's largest apparel retailer, the fashion group also owns brands such as Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Uterqüe, Stradivarius and Bershka.
Now here I couldn't stop laughing as I really think it does sound funny; when Amancio Ortega first opened, he named his store Zorba after watching the classic film ZORBA the Greek, but apparently there was a bar that was called the same, Zorba, two blocks away, and the owner of the bar came and said, "this is going to confuse things to have two Zorbas." They had already made the molds for the letters in the sign, so they just rearranged them to see what they could find, and they found Zara. HALLELUJAH! I can't imagine what would it be like to shop in ZOOORRBAAA!

click here to see the video from the night

    Anyway, it was a good night, so many people came down to celebrate the 'great-come-back-we-missed-you' and many more were surprised to see the doors are finally open. We hope that Zara will never close it's doors again for such long period! Live long and prosper! :)))

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, fblogger, coat, girl, clothes, people, new collection, store in Manchester
Trying on Zara coat. Oh, I love it!

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, iPhone, bag, clothes, people, new collection, store in Manchester
'Proud Soul' jumper. Very Proud.
Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, clothes, people, blouse, black&white, new collection, store in Manchester
Must-have work outfit!

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, clothes, people, necklace, knitwear, new collection, store in Manchester
Must-have casual outfit

Sven Eselgroth Photography, fashion, ZARA, brand, event, photographer, design, knitwear, necklace, clothes, people, new collection, store in Manchester  
Must-have date/dinner outfit

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Philip Armstrong Fashion Show

  If you ever been to a fashion show you know how exciting it could be! If no, I will tell you right now.
It was Philip Armstrong Fashion Show at Harvey Nichols in Liverpool last week and it was legen-wait for it-DARY! Beautiful people in a beautiful surroundings, looking at a beautiful creations of Philip Armstrong and Tony Burke, designers behind the label Philip Armstrong. With every season, the brand grows in popularity and their pieces are now both collectable and highly sought after. Worn by a whole host of celebrities including Kelly Rowland, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger and Helen Hunt to name a few. Unfortunately, none of them hot celebrities attended the show in Liverpool but you could see some local celebs, footballer's wives and girlfriends, designers, stylists and fashion bloggers. All the pictures from the event you would be able to find later on Harvey Nichols website.

Philip Armstrong fashion designers Pete Price media personality famous event sven eselgroth photography
The Master Sven Eselgroth took this wonderful picture. (Philip Armstrong, Pete Price,famous media personality and Tony Burke)

   In the first hour we have been working on the door, making pictures of the guests (which is great, because we knew exactly who did attend the event!) Everyone looked absolutely fabulous, in the end of the day, it is ALL about fashion. 

Sven Eselgroth Photography fashion show Philip Armstrong new collection Harvey Nichols Liverpool fashion runway launch event brand designer
Sven Eselgroth in action

When Sven finished taking pictures of the guests, because pretty much everyone has arrived, he went upstairs to see what is going on there. I wasn't in a rush so I stayed for a while in a Beauty Bazaar. Make up is too good not to try it on!! Gemma, who is a big fan of Bobby Brown make up, purchased a juicy lip gloss in red colour! Happy days! 

Bobby Brown make up Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar fashion
Happy Gemma with her new Bobby Brown Lipstick!
 After we finished with make up we went upstairs where everyone was ready for the show. The show was really nice, all models were arriving on the escalator from one side, walking the catwalk on the ''bridge'' and then with the help of a beautiful ''Edward-Cullen-type'' young gentleman, models were going on the escalator down to change in to the next outfit.

Edward Cullen Model Fashion show catwalk beautiful Harvey Nichols Philip Armstrong
Philip Armstrong fashion show at Harvey Nichols beautiful model gorgeous dress make up Sven Eselgroth Photography
Model on runway at Philip Armstrong Fashion show

Fashion show Philip Armstron runway catwalk Sven Eselgroth Photography designer brand Harvey Nichols Beautiful Model
Another lovely Philip Armstrong dress on the runway

When the show was finished everyone spread out to discuss what they have seen. His Majesty, was taking pictures and I was assisting him on that. His talent is so broad that he can take fantastic pictures not only with a professional camera but with an ordinary iPhone too :)

Sven Eselgroth Photography fashion show event at Harvey Nichols Philip Armstrong new collection photographer
Sven Eselgroth Photographer
girls posing Sven Eselgroth photographer Manchester iPhone Harvey Nichols Philip Armstrong Fashion Show
Sven's iPhone skills
Philip Armstrong fashion show Liverpool fashion photographer uk
Me and Gemma after the show:)
   Emma Doyle did a fantastic job, organizing this fabulous event! 
   After any event, as a tradition, we go and EAT! Eat everything what is on the way! The day was saved thanks to Byron Burger Place next door. Food was good and service efficient and friendly. Just what we needed!

food burger place Liverpool Byron
I look rather hungry on this picture and Gemma has that cheeky look, very suspicious

Sven Eselgroth food hungry Byron burger place fries Liverpool
I have no idea what does that picture mean. Ask Sven.

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

TaylorMorris Launch Party at Harvey Nichols in Liverpool

   I like visiting and working at events where I can mingle with celebrities of different size. This time I went with Sven and Gemma to Liverpool, where we were commingling at TaylorMorris Eyewear Launch Party:)
   As soon as we arrived Gemma started her interview with Hugo Taylor,(hottie from Made in Chelsea), and his longtime friend and co-founder, Charlie Morris. On their website guys say that TaylorMorris was formed  'one evening in a London bar with a scrap piece of paper with the potential future designs of the first collection'. C'mon guys, we need a juicy story!

 (I wish I'd knew who is the 3rd dude on the photo below, but I'm just too lazy to find out. I bet he is a partner in business)
MadeinChelsea TaylorMorris launch event Harvey Nichols fashion brand designer celebrities  StyleETC Hugo Taylor
                                             (Photographer: his majesty, Sven Eselgroth)

   Gemma is an editor of a StyleETC fashion magazine, which is a Manchester fashion/beauty/lifestyle guide in a way! Very cool piece. 
  So Gemma was interviewing, Sven was fixing the lighting and I was observing everything. Then we met Kat (@DiscoutureKat),who is a friend of Sven and Gemma. On the night Kat was spinning some seriously-groovy disco-flashy tunes!

DJ Harvey Nichols TaylorMorris Launch Event fashion eyewear design brand celebrity Made in Chelsea
                                                                      'Disco' Kat

 She is not only a cool DJ, she also runs super awesome accessories at hoochiemama.me (@hoochiemamame). We had a lovely chit-chat about the event and then everyone got back to doing what they meant to be doing.
Sven Eselgroth Photography, TaylorMorris, Eyewear, brand, launch party, Harvey Nichols
                                                     Sven (Prefers to be called 'Beard')

  It was a great event, we had some fun while working. After everything was finished we all (me, Sven, Gemma and Kat) went to Almost Famous and had a fat rewarding meal! 

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Manchester

I think I will be quite right if I'll say that nobody really expected Vogue Fashion's Night Out to be so good! Fashion people came out of the shadow and enjoyed shopping spree and celebrity gossip over some champagne, cocktails and canapés. Flashlights everywhere. If you were quick you could go round a few shops an collect some very nice goodie bags, get a couple of good shots of yourself while you shopping and of course meet a couple of celebrities!

I could tell you more how great night that was if I would be out there shopping but on that night me and Sven were working in Manchester Art Gallery, recreating Vintage Vogue Covers! I must say this is the job for me. To be behind the photographer, talk to people, help them feel more relaxed in front of camera, to give them an idea of what to do and how to do it!

The night went great, everyone looked so good, very old fashioned but with a modern touch! We thoroughly  enjoyed every bit and moment of working on that shoot. :)

After we packed all the equipment we headed towards Malmaison Hotel, where fashion people had an after party. We met Sven's girlfriend Gemma and her friends, who work in StyleETC Magazine. As soon as we came in we were offered cheeky cocktails, bittersweet, but not too bitter! DJ was great, cocktails were awesome, people were beautiful, what else would you want from a party?

So if you missed possibly one of the greatest nights out in Manchester I only feel sorry for you, you did not only miss all these goodie bags, discounts, beauty treatments, complimentary drinks and canapés everywhere, but also a great opportunity to meet interesting people and celebs! Hope, my dear, that Fashion will be back next year!