Monday, 18 November 2013

Friends Musicians.

  Recently, I had an opportunity to meet some amazing musicians and assist Beard on a great photo shoot with them. The shoot took place on a sunny, but windy, Sunday morning in Manchester. My job was to hold a lighting umbrella and there was a big possibility that I might be blown away by the wind, so it was an exciting challenge for me (sarcasm). 

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, music band, DaveSpeakman Band, Manchester, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Behind the scene

   The guys from The Dave Speakman Band were great to work with. We had a good laugh while shooting, and Sven gave them a good lecture about nutrition (as some of you may NOT know, Beard has a "nutrition-obsession" and whenever he has a chance to show it, he has no boundaries).

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, music band, Dave Speakman Band, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
All getting ready

   All in all, I think the shoot went quite well. Firstly, I think it's down to a very professional, skilled lighting manager (myself) who managed to not fly away together with the lighting umbrella, and made sure the lights were in the exact positions that Beard wanted. Secondly, it is thanks to a professional photographer - Sven Eselgroth, a.k.a. Beard, who knows how to make everything more beautiful.

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, Dave Speakman Band, Manchester, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Sven is showing how it's done to Dave

Sven Eselgroth Photography, photography, music, equipment, whereissven, Manchester, assistant, photographer, professional
I'm sure that on this picture Beard is talking about nutrition

  Through Sven, I have been lucky enough to meet many awesomely weird and talented people-from fashion related people, to amazing musicians and photographers, bloggers, writers, PR's, creatives and designers. They all are great in some way and there is always something I can learn from them.
    This blog is all about musicians. Well, first to mention is Gemma. Apart from being a good editor, writer, stylist and super networker, she is also an amazing singer. She does gigs all over the UK and quite frequently sings at Revolution de Cuba and Dimitri's in Manchester.

Gemma Latham, fashion, editor, music, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Gemma singing in Revolucion de Cuba  in Manchester

   The second musician to mention is their friend, Jon Kenzie, a lovely guy and a very talented singer and guitarist. When I went to Jon's album launch with Sven and Gemma, I couldn't believe it! To explain what I mean, I have to take you back a couple of months to September. I was walking my usual route to work, late and in a rush. As I crossed St Ann's Square, there were some musicians busking. I really liked their music and stopped for a moment, trying to decide whether I should buy their CD, or just carry on walking. I guess part of me was too shy to go back and another part was worried about being late to work, so I never bought the CD. I regretted not buying it as I never caught them playing in the streets again. Now, back to last week.. I was sat in Solomon Grundy's in Withington and Jon Kenzie started to perform with his band. I instantly realised they were the guys from St Ann's Square, I could not believe it! After I realised this, I couldn't stop telling everyone the story. At the end of the show I bought Jon's CD and told him my story too (as Gemma suggested he would be happy to hear it).

Jon Kenzie, guitarist, Manchester, new album, live music, book for an event, music, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
Jon Kenzie performing
new album, musician, greatest hits, music for the soul, best song ever,  music, equipment, assistant, photographer, professional
I am a happy owner of a Jon Kenzie album now!

  Ultimately, what I learnt from this situation is that I won't let the time take away from me a chance to discover something new and inspiring. The choice is in your hands, you just have to make it!

                                             TO SEE THE VIDEO PLEASE CLICK HERE
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