Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Take a spin at Selfridges Ice Rink in Trafford Center

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   Some things will never change. For example, Christmas period. There is no finer time to go shopping, visiting Christmas Markets, drinking mulled wine and of course, ice skating. Perhaps it is the most Christmassy enterprise. Ice Rink has long being uniting destination for our friends and families and now we all have an opportunity to take an icy turn at Selfridges Ice Rink in Trafford Center. Between spins, enjoy some Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate. It is the perfect environment to boost Christmas spirit!!
Famous, krispykreme donuts, ice rink, coffee, delicious, christmas
KrispyKreme donuts! mmm.....

     I am one of those people who has up-and-go personality and last week Gemma invited me to come with her to an opening event with Dancing on Ice super stars- handsome Matt Evers and beautiful Maria Filippova.  Despite my ice skating fear, I always loved being around ice rink and watching people having a good time and when you see Matt skating in front of you, it is a double pleasure. When Gemma finished her first lesson, we had a lovely chat with Maria, who gave us some useful tips for beginners. I even had an opportunity to talk Russian to her (bonding moment).
Matt Evers, dancing on ice, celebrity, manchester, christmas, ice skating, famous, present
Gemma and Matt Evers. 1st lesson went well!
Maria Filippova, MilanyMelo, ice rink, dancing on ice, celebrity, superstar
Maria Filippova and me.

    Later on, we enjoyed gracefully beautiful performance of Matt and Maria. Captivating dance! I would give so much to be able to dance like them!
   All in all, evening was great! Christmas doesn't just have to be about shopping-going out and having a good time is also a part of a festive period. So if you are thinking of where to go on the weekend, I would suggest to put Trafford center on the list!

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