Sunday, 27 October 2013

TaylorMorris Launch Party at Harvey Nichols in Liverpool

   I like visiting and working at events where I can mingle with celebrities of different size. This time I went with Sven and Gemma to Liverpool, where we were commingling at TaylorMorris Eyewear Launch Party:)
   As soon as we arrived Gemma started her interview with Hugo Taylor,(hottie from Made in Chelsea), and his longtime friend and co-founder, Charlie Morris. On their website guys say that TaylorMorris was formed  'one evening in a London bar with a scrap piece of paper with the potential future designs of the first collection'. C'mon guys, we need a juicy story!

 (I wish I'd knew who is the 3rd dude on the photo below, but I'm just too lazy to find out. I bet he is a partner in business)
MadeinChelsea TaylorMorris launch event Harvey Nichols fashion brand designer celebrities  StyleETC Hugo Taylor
                                             (Photographer: his majesty, Sven Eselgroth)

   Gemma is an editor of a StyleETC fashion magazine, which is a Manchester fashion/beauty/lifestyle guide in a way! Very cool piece. 
  So Gemma was interviewing, Sven was fixing the lighting and I was observing everything. Then we met Kat (@DiscoutureKat),who is a friend of Sven and Gemma. On the night Kat was spinning some seriously-groovy disco-flashy tunes!

DJ Harvey Nichols TaylorMorris Launch Event fashion eyewear design brand celebrity Made in Chelsea
                                                                      'Disco' Kat

 She is not only a cool DJ, she also runs super awesome accessories at (@hoochiemamame). We had a lovely chit-chat about the event and then everyone got back to doing what they meant to be doing.
Sven Eselgroth Photography, TaylorMorris, Eyewear, brand, launch party, Harvey Nichols
                                                     Sven (Prefers to be called 'Beard')

  It was a great event, we had some fun while working. After everything was finished we all (me, Sven, Gemma and Kat) went to Almost Famous and had a fat rewarding meal! 

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